Tom Cruise One Word Anagrams of People's Names

Here is a collection of one-word anagrams derived from people's names, both real and fictitious. These are relatively rare and in most cases, the person's name is short. The majority of these anagrams were found by computer programs and online Scrabble solvers.
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We start with a look at well known names with one-word anagrams of at least 7 letters.

Eddie Albert = deliberated Actor

Igor Andreev = overreading Tennis

Ed Asner = endears Actors D to G

Colin Baker = carbonlike Doctor Who
Colin was the 6th actor to play Doctor Who.

Toni Basil = libations Singer

Rod Beck = bedrock Baseball

Lisa Bonet = tailbones Actor

Norm Cash = monarchs Baseball

Eric Clapton = narcoleptic Pop/Rock

Tom Cruise = costumier Actors A to C
Another one-worder for Tom is the obscure word mucorites.

Claire Danes = calendarise Actors A to C

Roger Daltrey = retrogradely Pop/Rock

Rob Estes = soberest Actor

Gil Evans = leavings jazz pianist, composer
Another one-word anagram of Gil Evans is Vangelis, the name of a composer also found on this page.

Al Green = general = gleaner = enlarge Gospel singer

Brad Hall = hardball Actor, writer

Steve Irwin = interviews Wildlife expert, TV personality

Ha Neul Kim = humanlike LPGA Golf

Ted Lange = danegelt Actor

Brenda Lee = reenabled Singer

Mona Lisa = Somalian da Vinci painting

Reed Low = lowered Hockey G to L

Mina Loy = alimony Poet

Dan Miceli = medicinal Baseball

Sal Mineo = semolina Actor

Sara Monteil = monasterial Spanish singer, actress

Ian Moran = Romanian Hockey

Sam Neill = manilles Actors H to Q

Lena Olin = lanoline Actors

Steve Olin = novelties Baseball

Nick Price = picnicker Golf

Tim Raines = marinites Baseball

Anne Rice = narceine Writer

Stan Rice = canister = scantier Poet
Stan and Anne were husband and wife. They can also be found in Author Anagrams

Tim Russ = truisms Star Trek

Meg Ryan = Germany Actors R to Z

Chris Sale = chairless Baseball

Nigel Short = holstering Chess

Britney Spears = Presbyterians Pop/Rock Music
At 13 letters, this anagram is often cited as the longest one-worder for a truly well known person.

Isaac Stern = Sectarians = Cartesians Classical

Al Stewart = saltwater Musician, songwriter

Miesha Tate = haematites Mixed Martial Arts

Fats Waller = waterfalls Pop/Rock Music

One-word names
Here are some one-word anagrams of people who are only known by one name.

Achilles = Challies Greek mythology

Alcinous = unsocial Philosopher
Alcinous is not well known but his anagram is interesting.

Aphrodite = atrophied Greek mythology

Aristotle = totaliser Math & Science

Cleopatra = acropetal Egyptian pharaoh

Pauleta = plateau Football (soccer)

Ronaldo = Orlando Football (soccer)

Socrates = coasters = coarsest Philospher

Tinashe = sheitan = sthenia Singer

Vangelis = leavings Composers

Voltaire = violater Authors

Here are a few short ones...

Barney = nearby Children's TV
Bono = boon Musician
Charo = roach Actress,musician
Erato = orate Greek muse
Iman = main Model
Lassie = Aisles Canine actor
Ovid = void Poet
Prince = pincer Musician
Samson = masons Biblical figure
Thales = lathes = haslet Greek philosopher
Zeus = Suez Greek mythology

Questionable words
The following solutions are of a dubious or highly obscure nature and are not likely to be found in any standard dictionaries. Included in this list are product names.

Archimedes = midreaches Math & Science
Dictionaries don't contain midreaches but it is defined as "streams carrying the water from several tributaries".

Martin Clunes = multiscanner British TV (Doc Martin)
It doesn't appear to be an official word yet, but there are products on the market called Multiscanner.

Ester Dean = Eastender Singer, songwriter
The word eastender has some usage and there is a TV show called The Eastenders, but it does not appear to be an official word.

Alan Embree = renameable Baseball
Although this word is not found in standard dictionaries, there is ample evidence of its usage.

Goran Milicevic = microvigilance Chess
There are instances of the use of the word microvigilance on the internet. At 14 letters in length, his name is the longest to generate a one-word solution in the Galen galleries.

Rita Moreno = Remoration Singer, dancer, actor
Remoration is a recently coined scientific word that is not yet found in dictionaries. Rita has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony.

Liam Neeson = Seminolean Actors H to Q
Although there are many instances of this reasonable sounding word, referring to the Seminole people, the standard adjective form is Seminole, the same as the noun.

Oliver Reed = overrelied Actor
Although overreliance has been accepted in some dictionaries, overrelied is not an official word but there are examples of its usage.

Seth Rogan = Greenshot Actors D to G
Greenshot is a free and open source screenshot program
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